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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sowebo Festival 2006

We are heading over to the Sowebo festival today. Four stages of music, lots of artists and other attrocities to divert your attention. Did I say attrocities? I think I meant attractions. I'm pretty sure that we will be near the Arrlington Stage
12:00 Dorsal Fink
12:45 Piette
1:30 Bond & Bentley
2:30 Marc Wigg
3:15 Pasadena
4:15 Muscle Twin
5:15 Puddle
6:15 Gavin Elder
7:15 To The Moon

The headliner, To The Moon has a trancy organic sound similar to lake trout. They are a trio out of Baltimore, rehearsing at Hour Haus Studios overlooking the scenic North Avenue Bridge.
Their psychadelic grooves and borderline techno beats sway you in and out of conciousness.

To The Moon - Charmony
To The Moon - Emerald Green
To The Moon - D.I.G.
To The Moon - Rockdeep


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Songs about Mobtown

I don't know why I haven't done this yet so here it goes. Songs about Baltimore.
East River Pipe - Baltimore
Cex - Baltimore
The Bubblegum Complex - Baltimore

While doing this project I see that I have been beat to the punch. A shout out to Trees Lounge
Trees Lounge: The 50 States: Maryland

Human Television

You gotta love satellite radio. I was driving to work or back (whats the difference) when I heard Human Television. It was one of those times in the car where you want something to write with and on. Luckily I could save the song, and research it later. Listening to Left of Center has introduced me to many songs I may not have heard otherwise. I do miss WRNR and WTMD, but I get a nice dose of them in other cars.
Back to Human television, I was struck by the vocals at first. A young Doug Martsch came to mind. Put this over a slightly jangly indie pop sound, and you have Human Television, particularly "I Laughed". Also of note is "In Front of the House", which is more spacy, but every bit as Jangly.
Human Television - In Front Of The House
Human Television - I Laughed


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Mugs

I just stumbled across the Brooklyn based band The Mugs. They are a melodic quartet with an accoustic classic rock take on modern music. Listening to their albumn Paper Scissors Rock, on their MySpace page, I keep restarting it over form the beginning of the four song snippet. They have a nice blend of dreaminess and angst. When asked who they would most like to play with, the reply was Neil Young and Crazy Horse. This is evident in their songs electric accoustic guitars with leads by electric guitar and harmonica are evident in the first song on their Space page - Broken Signals.
An ep preceding their album release is available from their website, or right here.
Daisy Cutter
While it Lasts
Poker Face
Broken Signals