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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sowebo Festival 2006

We are heading over to the Sowebo festival today. Four stages of music, lots of artists and other attrocities to divert your attention. Did I say attrocities? I think I meant attractions. I'm pretty sure that we will be near the Arrlington Stage
12:00 Dorsal Fink
12:45 Piette
1:30 Bond & Bentley
2:30 Marc Wigg
3:15 Pasadena
4:15 Muscle Twin
5:15 Puddle
6:15 Gavin Elder
7:15 To The Moon

The headliner, To The Moon has a trancy organic sound similar to lake trout. They are a trio out of Baltimore, rehearsing at Hour Haus Studios overlooking the scenic North Avenue Bridge.
Their psychadelic grooves and borderline techno beats sway you in and out of conciousness.

To The Moon - Charmony
To The Moon - Emerald Green
To The Moon - D.I.G.
To The Moon - Rockdeep


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