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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Virgin Fest Part II - Wolfmother

OK, so you should have realized that I wouldn't be posting every day, but here it is my second installment. I am quite excited to see Wolfmother. Due to their Australlian heritage I was uncertain if I would be able to see tham any time soon, but soon is now Saturday. Their sound, as retro as it is, is uniquely their own. Given the hints of Zeppelin and Sabbath, they don't play it off as their only attributes. You can see modern influences such as a hint of Jack White in the vocals. I can tell you that I have a hope for a guest appearance by him maybe. So without any further adue here is number two:
Wolfmother - Woman
Wolfmother - Colossal


Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Virgin Fest Countdown Begins

I have been patiently sitting on my tickets for the Virgin Festival and I feel that now with a week to go, the posting should begin. My intent here is to post the bands in order of my excitement to see them until Friday which will be the "I wish I had time to post them all" post.
After many attempts to see them I am most excited to see The Flaming Lips. They have played a few times near us including the All Good Festival. With my purchase of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, I was instantely hooked and worked my way back from there. The fact theat I saw The Who in high school makes these guys the main draw for me. The first song must be my favorite pre-Yoshimi song even though my first taste of the Lips was She Don't Use Jelly. The second is a tribute to one ogf my favorite bands in high school as well as one of my favorite bands of now. You have to love a cover that incorporates The Butthole Surfers and The White Stripes.
The Flaming Lips - Lightning Strikes The Postman

The Flaming Lips - Seven Nation Army


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hudson Bell - When the Sun is the Moon

A while back I had included a Hudson Bell song on This Week in Indie. I had been checking Record and Tape Traders for quite a while to get their old album. I finally broke down and had them order it for me. Incidentally, Hudson Bell is on a Baltimore label, Matador Records. Who would have thought it so hard to find inside the beltway. Anyway, this was well worth the wait.
Their newest album, When the sun is the Moon is a sonic assult on the senses. Imagine a Husker Du Built to Spill love child. The music is spacey and mellow, the vocals intoxicating, then throw on a heavy helping of distortion. This is what you would think Conor Oberst would sound like heavy if you have never heard Desaparecidos.
Hudson Bell - Slow Burn
Hudson Bell - Atlantis Nights