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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Virgin Fest Part II - Wolfmother

OK, so you should have realized that I wouldn't be posting every day, but here it is my second installment. I am quite excited to see Wolfmother. Due to their Australlian heritage I was uncertain if I would be able to see tham any time soon, but soon is now Saturday. Their sound, as retro as it is, is uniquely their own. Given the hints of Zeppelin and Sabbath, they don't play it off as their only attributes. You can see modern influences such as a hint of Jack White in the vocals. I can tell you that I have a hope for a guest appearance by him maybe. So without any further adue here is number two:
Wolfmother - Woman
Wolfmother - Colossal


Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Virgin Fest Countdown Begins

I have been patiently sitting on my tickets for the Virgin Festival and I feel that now with a week to go, the posting should begin. My intent here is to post the bands in order of my excitement to see them until Friday which will be the "I wish I had time to post them all" post.
After many attempts to see them I am most excited to see The Flaming Lips. They have played a few times near us including the All Good Festival. With my purchase of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, I was instantely hooked and worked my way back from there. The fact theat I saw The Who in high school makes these guys the main draw for me. The first song must be my favorite pre-Yoshimi song even though my first taste of the Lips was She Don't Use Jelly. The second is a tribute to one ogf my favorite bands in high school as well as one of my favorite bands of now. You have to love a cover that incorporates The Butthole Surfers and The White Stripes.
The Flaming Lips - Lightning Strikes The Postman

The Flaming Lips - Seven Nation Army


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hudson Bell - When the Sun is the Moon

A while back I had included a Hudson Bell song on This Week in Indie. I had been checking Record and Tape Traders for quite a while to get their old album. I finally broke down and had them order it for me. Incidentally, Hudson Bell is on a Baltimore label, Matador Records. Who would have thought it so hard to find inside the beltway. Anyway, this was well worth the wait.
Their newest album, When the sun is the Moon is a sonic assult on the senses. Imagine a Husker Du Built to Spill love child. The music is spacey and mellow, the vocals intoxicating, then throw on a heavy helping of distortion. This is what you would think Conor Oberst would sound like heavy if you have never heard Desaparecidos.
Hudson Bell - Slow Burn
Hudson Bell - Atlantis Nights


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm Draggin' and So Was My Muffler

This morning I was heading out to work and heard a clunk. I thought what the hell was that? Did I run over a cat? Oh well, I'm gonna be late for work. A few more feet and I heard this annoying grinding sound. My neighbor, also leaving for work, yelled over, "your muffler's hanging off." Lovely!! Six hours later I have a new muffler after strugling to remove it myself and ultimately having it towed. Hey I got a free chrome tip with an internet coupon. Woo Hoo free stuff. How free can it be when you dish out a few C notes? In honor of my auto-woe-bile here is some old Modest Mouse.
Modest Mouse - Race Car Grin You Ain't No Landmark
Modest Mouse - Every Penny Fed Car


Monday, August 21, 2006

Painting the kitchen today

It is my last shot at getting this right. Right now I'm listening to BOAT to give me a little bit of moral support. I guess I'm staying indoors on a day the sun may reign.
BOAT - Last Cans of Paint
BOAT - Clogged Castle


Sunday, August 20, 2006

¡Viva la Revolucion!

Today begins my one man revolution against breakfast and lunch! Oh and Sunday sobriety too. We are headed to Little Havannah this morning for their brunch. I've been talking about this for years it seems and finally I am getting off my ass and doing something about it.

The Weakerthans - Confessions of a Futon-Revolutionist


Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Why is Jeff Tweedy so evil?

I know every great band has to take advantage of marketing. Look at the Rolling Stones and the Super Bowl. Do I need to say any more? I think the boys in Wilco have gone too far however. Ground Squirrel Bait?!? Is it bait for squirrels that is ground up or, dare I say it, bait made from ground up squirrels? I think they should stick to science fiction movie prop replicas. Wilco - Ground Squirrel Bait
Wilco - She's a Jar


Monday, August 7, 2006


I've read posts on the interweb about Sirrius radio, specifically Left of Center, playing the same songs over and over. Now that may be the case for a few songs like Pretty Girls Make Graves - The Number although I am quite fond of it, but I have found some gems hidden amongst the repeats. I quite like Snowglobe. There has not been much talk of them for a while so it needs to begin regin here and now. They have the sort of feel good pop that gets you warm and jiggly reminiscent of The Shins, not that they are a similar band.

Snowglobe - Changes
Snowglobe - Regime


Sunday, August 6, 2006

The Dead Science

... so anyway, I found Frog Eyes on Absolutely Kosher Records, and after a small search around, a very samll search, I came across The Dead Science. I say a small search, becuase I didn't look too long. There is much I wish to see on that site. The Dead Science have a trancy scare about them or a scary trance. Kind of like Thee More Shallows without the kid piano or tool without the whatever they may be known for. The music is a heavy space and the vocals have that hazy, mumbly quality that I love so much anymore.

The Dead Science - Drrrty Magneto
The Dead Science - Gamma Knife
The Dead Science - White Train


Saturday, August 5, 2006

Where have I been?

I have been quite busy with school and family, so the two of you that have stumbled on this confer. The one of you that knows me explain things to the other. I have been expanding the memory that my iTunes takes up when it opens. I'm stopping when my song collection is as large as my share of the national debt. I hope they do something about it soon brecause I'll need a bigger hard drive. So here is a song for you, the most recent.

Frog Eyes - The Oscillator's Hum


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sowebo Festival 2006

We are heading over to the Sowebo festival today. Four stages of music, lots of artists and other attrocities to divert your attention. Did I say attrocities? I think I meant attractions. I'm pretty sure that we will be near the Arrlington Stage
12:00 Dorsal Fink
12:45 Piette
1:30 Bond & Bentley
2:30 Marc Wigg
3:15 Pasadena
4:15 Muscle Twin
5:15 Puddle
6:15 Gavin Elder
7:15 To The Moon

The headliner, To The Moon has a trancy organic sound similar to lake trout. They are a trio out of Baltimore, rehearsing at Hour Haus Studios overlooking the scenic North Avenue Bridge.
Their psychadelic grooves and borderline techno beats sway you in and out of conciousness.

To The Moon - Charmony
To The Moon - Emerald Green
To The Moon - D.I.G.
To The Moon - Rockdeep


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Songs about Mobtown

I don't know why I haven't done this yet so here it goes. Songs about Baltimore.
East River Pipe - Baltimore
Cex - Baltimore
The Bubblegum Complex - Baltimore

While doing this project I see that I have been beat to the punch. A shout out to Trees Lounge
Trees Lounge: The 50 States: Maryland

Human Television

You gotta love satellite radio. I was driving to work or back (whats the difference) when I heard Human Television. It was one of those times in the car where you want something to write with and on. Luckily I could save the song, and research it later. Listening to Left of Center has introduced me to many songs I may not have heard otherwise. I do miss WRNR and WTMD, but I get a nice dose of them in other cars.
Back to Human television, I was struck by the vocals at first. A young Doug Martsch came to mind. Put this over a slightly jangly indie pop sound, and you have Human Television, particularly "I Laughed". Also of note is "In Front of the House", which is more spacy, but every bit as Jangly.
Human Television - In Front Of The House
Human Television - I Laughed


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Mugs

I just stumbled across the Brooklyn based band The Mugs. They are a melodic quartet with an accoustic classic rock take on modern music. Listening to their albumn Paper Scissors Rock, on their MySpace page, I keep restarting it over form the beginning of the four song snippet. They have a nice blend of dreaminess and angst. When asked who they would most like to play with, the reply was Neil Young and Crazy Horse. This is evident in their songs electric accoustic guitars with leads by electric guitar and harmonica are evident in the first song on their Space page - Broken Signals.
An ep preceding their album release is available from their website, or right here.
Daisy Cutter
While it Lasts
Poker Face
Broken Signals

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Modest Mouse West Coast Tour Dates

Modest Mouse is playing a string of West Coast dates in August!

A limited number of tickets have been held for Modest Mouse fans and will be available through a special presale that begins this Friday, April 28th at 12 PM Local Time. By buying tickets through our presale, you'll be able to get your tickets before anyone else AND save some money on service charges.

Click here to buy tickets: Ducat King

August 6 - Santa Barbara, CA @ Santa Barbara Bowl
August 8 - Sacramento, CA @ Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
August 9 - Bend, OR @ Les Schwab Amphitheater
August 10 - Troutdale, OR @ Edgefield

For a full list of Modest Mouse tour dates, go to the tourdates page.

Click here to see other shows available through Ducat King Ticketing:

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tapes 'n Tapes to play at Fletcher's

I found ou today, in the City Paper, that Tapes 'n Tapes will be coming to Baltimore in June. They will be at Fletcher's Bar on Thursday June 8th. Opening for them will be Figurines & Cold War Kids. When Tapes 'n Tapes first caught my ear I was blown away. From the punchy Insistor to the mellow Omaha I can't find a track to skip on the whole album. I have been meaning to feature them here since I bought their disc, but have not. Upon checking the Fletcher's website tonight I found that another band I currently have heavy in rotation is opening. Cold War Kids. The lead singer has thatr borderline screech that I am kind of into right now and the sound has a retro minimalist sound that lends a sense of purity to a song. Lastly I checked out Figurines tonight for the first time, but was pleased, but more about them at a later post when I am more familiar with them.
Tapes 'n Tapes - Insistor
Tapes ' Tapes - Omaha
Cold War Kids - Hospital


Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Black Angels release Passover

The Black Angels release threir second effort Passover. They are having their releas party tonight at Good Records in Dallas Texas. No I won't be there, but I do want to give some attention to the band. Much in the style of Brian Jonestown Masacare, The Black Angels bring a psychadelic sound with modern nuances. Driving bass with a hint of tambourine compliment the spacy vocals and wah laden guitar. Taking a dip into the past to bring us the future, The Black Angels provide a retro sound with a fresh sound.

Sniper at the Gates of Heaven

Black Grease


Friday, April 14, 2006

This Week In Indie #6

So I'm a little behind. Your in it for the free tunes anyway. So here is #6 in a as weekly as I want radio series. Hey its Spring Break so give a guy one. (a break)

The Raconteurs - Store Bought Bones
Tapes 'n Tapes - Omaha
Beiruit - Postcards From Italy
Joe Turner - When Will You Wake Up?
The Jessica Fletchers - Shoot
Bevis Frond - Termination Station Grey
Be Your Own Pet - We Will Vacation You Can Be My Parasol
this busy monster - 3D'd
Cold War Kids - We Used To Vacation
Thee More Shallows - Freshman Thesis
This Week in Indie #6


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Index is Getting a New Camera

I have a nice digital camera, but it is a bit large to carry around at shows. Case in point, I decided not to take it to the Art Brut show this week. When I got home I decided to buy a smaller camera for shows. On amazon I found a camera that looks like a zippo lighter. Perfect for portability and sneaking it in to shows on the off chance they are not allowed. If this gives me a semi-decent picture I'll be more than happy. I hope to go see Wolf Parade this weekend so I got rapid shipping. Either way you will know how it worked as soon as it gets here.

Peter Murphy - I've Got A Miniature Secret Camera


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Art Brut at the Ottobar

Last night I went to see Art Brut at the Ottobar. I was familiar with some of their songs, but not to versed on their music. They went on and played a healthy set and a two song encore. What a show! The lead singer was pretty funny. The band was tight and having a good time. In the midst of the set the singer consulted his imaginary lead singer handbook, took requests from the audience, confessed to sabotaging the bands equipment, and stopped to deal with a wardrobe malfunction in the form of an errant zipper so kindly pointed out by an audience member. Although initially going on the request of a friend, I am glad I went.

Good Weekend
Emily Kane
Formed A Band

Friday, April 7, 2006

This Week In Indie #5

Here is number 5 in our continuing adventure. One whole month down! This is the first installment posted at mySpace and the first with links to Amazon for all of the albums. I guess I feel better about myself for that.

Menthol - Danger: Rock Science!
Elefant - Lolita
Like Knives - Unlincoln Tunnel
John Wilkes Booze - Sweetback's Gonna Make It
Mates of State - Fraud in the 80's
LandSpeedRecord! - Accident
Islands - Abominable Snow
Umberto - Yellow Cardigan
Poster Children - The Leader
superfallingstars - I'm Not Really Sure

Umberto - No Album

This Week in Indie #6