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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hudson Bell - When the Sun is the Moon

A while back I had included a Hudson Bell song on This Week in Indie. I had been checking Record and Tape Traders for quite a while to get their old album. I finally broke down and had them order it for me. Incidentally, Hudson Bell is on a Baltimore label, Matador Records. Who would have thought it so hard to find inside the beltway. Anyway, this was well worth the wait.
Their newest album, When the sun is the Moon is a sonic assult on the senses. Imagine a Husker Du Built to Spill love child. The music is spacey and mellow, the vocals intoxicating, then throw on a heavy helping of distortion. This is what you would think Conor Oberst would sound like heavy if you have never heard Desaparecidos.
Hudson Bell - Slow Burn
Hudson Bell - Atlantis Nights


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