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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Magnolia Electric Co. and Grand Buffet

Grand BuffetLast night we went to see Magnolia Electric Co. at the Ottobar. We seem to be going there a lot lately. I was not that familiar with Magnolia, but we went there with neighbors. Magnolia put on a great show. They are a little more country than I typically listen to, but they stepped over to rock with most of their songs. They had a sound reminiscent of The Big Wu, a band I am more familiar with.
Touring with Magnolia Electric Co. was Grand Buffet from Pittsburgh. They are two white guys and a CD player named Curtis. They were more up my alley. They played the entirety of their back up music on Curtis, their CD player. They ripped off hip-hop the likes of I haven't seen since The Bloodhound Gang. The set even included a ten minute accapela when Curtis ran out of batteries. After the show, I picked up their CD - Five Years of Fireworks. A quick listen to it on the ride home got five thumbs up.
I think the highlight of the night was Magnolia's encore when from Grand Buffet came out and they performed a rousing rendition of Running With The Devil.
All in all a great night. Unfortunately I left the camera at home.
Listen Up:
Grand Buffet - Americus
Grand Buffet - Candy Bars
Magnolia Electric Co. - The Dark Don’t Hide It
Magnolia Electric Co. - Leave the City

On Winamp now: The Dandy Warhols - We Used To Be Friends

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K8teebug said...

I was at that show. It was great. They're coming back to the Ottobar on February 25th! (Grand Buffet, that is)